Shirts, polo shirts, T-shirts and sweatshirts in innovative, high quality technical fabrics, all designed to offer an elegant, sharp image and outstanding performance: technical fabrics, non-iron shirts, breathable T-shirts and a lot more besides. We offer the very best of Italian creativity, for faultless technical know-how, aesthetics and authenticity. Our suppliers are carefully selected on the basis of the quality of their products and their commitment to eco-sustainability and the environment. WaveFutura garments are made from fabrics that guarantee exceptional performance whatever the use.

Extremely comfortable

Very comfortable and pleasing

An extraordinarily soft hand

Garments that wear like a second skin;

Perfectly homogeneous

A smooth, homogeneous surface gives the fabrics luminosity and brightness to the colours

Ultra-fine and light

The very reduced thickness allows for the creation of garments that guarantee exceptional wearability and elegance without losing elasticity and shape retention.


The open knit of the fabrics ensures good perspiration and enhanced wellbeing for the body

Easy care

Extremely easy to care for and wash resistant, these fabrics always retain their original colours and shape.